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Lauren Mia Home Launch


Welcome to Lauren Mia Home.

This has truly been a labor of love (and a VERY long process- but one that I am SO proud of.) I am so excited to share with you all the fun things I've found and more is on the way! Look forward to new merchandise arriving weekly so be sure to check back often-better yet become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and you'll be the first to know!

If you'll indulge me a moment-I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the little people who made this possible:

Brian, thank you so much... for everything, everything, everything.  (Hope it’s ok I’m stealing your dedication concept-this is the closest thing I'll ever get to one.)  You are my rock and my home.  I know this wasn't easy, but I really am so appreciative-love you!!! TPURLOML

To my littlest people-my sweet dynamic duo, Emily & Daryn.  Thank you for being proud promoters and for understanding why Mommy's been busy.  This, as I do everything in life, is for you. (Here comes a life lesson girls, pay attention!) May you always follow your heart using your head and don't be afraid to go for it- it's exhilarating!

To my parents, family and friends who have given me unwaivering encouragement & support, input & feedback, promoted LMH because you love me (and my things), and will still talk to me even though I have been MIA for some time... I am so lucky and appreciative to have such truly wonderful and very special people in my life.  xoxo

To Paul (Williams), owner of Idea Sandbox… where do I begin?  There are not enough thank you’s in enough languages to thank you for your expertise, creativity, help, guidance, and friendship.  You are the best!!!!!!

OK-back to business!

Thank you so much for checking out Lauren Mia Home- I am so excited to bring you beautiful home accessories and gifts that you or someone else can enjoy!


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