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Faux Bois Oval Platter Blue-Faux Bois, Oval Platter, Blue, robins egg blue, turquoise, serving platter, 1-1201
Faux Bois Oval Platter Blue
$33.00 $22.99
Bird Jewelry Holder-jewelry, holder, cream, vintage, shabby chic, jewelry stand, metal stand, 1-1321
Bird Jewelry Holder
$24.00 $16.99
Bird Napkin Holder-bird, napkin, holder, metal, shabby chic, vintage, feminine, 1-1371
Bird Napkin Holder
$16.00 $12.99
Metal Card & Picture Holder-metal, wall decor, message center, organization, shabby chic, vintage, retro, whimsical, cream, pink, green, phto holder, card holder, 1-1381ABC
Metal Card & Picture Holder
$12.00 $8.99
Metal Embossed Frames-black, metal, frame, embossed, rustic, vintage, 4 x 6, men, man, picture, frame, photo, wall frame, 1-1391B, 5 x 7, 1-1391A
Metal Embossed Frames
$20.00 - $22.00
$14.99 - $16.99
Illume Coconut Milk Mango Retro Tin Candle-mango, coconut milk, coconut,Illume, retro, candle, soy, travel candle, scent, scented, tin, housewarming, hostess, birthday, gift, lead-free, essential oils, beeswax, travel, 1-141
Illume Coconut Milk Mango Retro Tin Candle
$20.00 $14.99
Hydrangea Frame-vintage, hydrangea, pink, flower, frame, picture frame, 1-1461A
Hydrangea Frame
$22.00 $15.99
Fleur De Lis 5 x 7 Frame-4 x 6, Wood, Photo Frame, Fleur De Lis
Fleur De Lis, frames, vintage, retro, shabby chic, black, gold, french, 1-1481
Fleur De Lis 5 x 7 Frame
$18.00 $12.99
Fleur De Lis 4 x 6 Frame-4x6, wood, frame, picture frame, fleur de lis, vintage, antique, black, gold, 1-1491
Fleur De Lis 4 x 6 Frame
$15.00 $10.99
Fleur De Lis 4 x 4 Frame-black, gold, fleur de lis, frame,. phto frame, picture, wood, 1-1501
Fleur De Lis 4 x 4 Frame
$15.00 $10.99
Illume Orange Cranberry Retro Tin-Illume, retro, candle, soy, travel candle, scent, scented, tin, housewarming, hostess, birthday, gift, lead-free, essential oils, beeswax, travel, orange, cranberry, cinnamon, Orange Essence, crisp, natural wax blend cranberry, cinnamon,lead-free, cotton wick, beeswax, essential oils, clean burn 16oz, 35 hours
Illume Orange Cranberry Retro Tin
$20.00 $14.99
Floral Wall Plaque-metal wall plaque, wall decor, wall decorative, painting, floral, shabby chic, feminine, pink, blue, white, vase with flowers, 1-1511
Floral Wall Plaque
$16.00 $11.99
Illume Pomegranate Retro Tin-Illume, Pomegranate, retro, masculine, man, tin, dark berries, merlot, grapes, natural wax blend, essential oils, beeswax, lead-free, cotton wick, clean burn, retro, candle, soy, travel candle, scent, scented, tin, housewarming, hostess, birthday, gift, travel, berries, 1-161
Illume Pomegranate Retro Tin
$20.00 $14.99
Vintage Alarm Clock-vintage clock, clock, battery powered clock, gray bisque
Vintage Alarm Clock
$16.00 $12.99
Jaquard Napkin-Comptoir de Famille, Naturalle, Jaquard, Napkins,table linens, dining, placemats, washable table linens
Jaquard Napkin
$13.00 $8.99
Jaquard Placemats-linen, table linen, barley colored, comptoir de famille, placemats, jaquard, floral, 1-1771
Jaquard Placemats
$20.00 $14.99
Naturelle Napkin-naturelle napkin, napkin, linen, comptoir de famille
Naturelle Napkin
$13.00 $8.99
Naturelle Placemats-placemats, linen, white, comptoir de famille, table linen, 1-1791
Naturelle Placemats
$20.00 $14.99
Cafe Creme Table Runner-table runner, linen, comtoir de famille, runner
Cafe Creme Table Runner
$22.00 $16.99
Brasserie Napkin Rings-metal, napkin rings, french style, vintage, pewter, table linens, 1-1821
Brasserie Napkin Rings
$12.00 $9.99
Beveled Mirror Base-mirror, beveled mirror, centerpiece, decoratives, shabby chic, rectangular mirror
Beveled Mirror Base
$10.00 $8.99
Ritournelle Placemat-placemat, bistro, blue, machine washable, cotton, french, vintage, comptoir de famille, placesetting, ritournelle
Ritournelle Placemat
$20.00 $15.99
Mustard Crudites Tray-mustard crudites tray, mustard, crudites, tray, serving, gold, flower, ceramic, handmade, hand painted, hand sculpted, 1-211
Mustard Crudites Tray
$75.00 $54.99
Floral Pattern Apron-apron, floral, roses, french, jardin de la fee, jardin, vintage, half apron,
Floral Pattern Apron
$16.00 $11.99
Cabbage Rose Apron-apron, antique, canvas, rose, green, pink, cranberry, shabby chic, hostess gift, half apron
Cabbage Rose Apron
$16.00 $11.99
Mustard Gourmet Rose Bowl-rose bowl, mustard, yellow, rose, bowl, serving, display, flower, ceramic bowl, centerpiece bowl, handmade, hand painted, hand sculpted, 1-221
Mustard Gourmet Rose Bowl
$149.00 $104.99
Jardiniere Pillow-jariniere pillow, pillow, vintage, french country, shabby chic, french vintage style, 1-2241
Jardiniere Pillow
$38.00 $26.99
Le Woof Cushion-Le woof, woof, cushion, pillow, bulldog, crown, dog, ribbon trim, removable insert, crowned dog, vintage, dog lover
Le Woof Cushion
$30.00 $24.99
Green Rose Canvas-belle jardiniere, canvas, artwork, rose, floral, vintage, shabby chic, green, 1-2311
Green Rose Canvas
$35.00 $28.99
Lyric Cushion-lyric, pillow, cushion, muslin, french vintage, french, vintage, pink, tuquoise, ribbon detail, shabby chic
Lyric Cushion
$30.00 $19.99
Paris Opera Marche Tote-bamboo, tote, canvas, marche, paris opera, vintage, shabby chic, peacock park design, 1-2381
Paris Opera Marche Tote
$22.00 $17.99
Cream Rose Tin-distressed, tin, board, magnet, wall hanging, shabby chic, vintage, rose, floral, 1-2411
8 x 12
Cream Rose Tin
$16.00 $12.99
Square Croc Tray-aluminum, crocodile, croc, bowl, tray, masculine, serveware
Square Croc Tray
$56.00 $34.99
Rectangular Croc Tray-rectangle, rectangular tray, tray, croc, crocodile, aluminum, platter, small dish, entry storage, 1-421, serveware, silver, metal serveware
Rectangular Croc Tray
$42.00 $29.95
Fern Glass-American Retold, glass, fern, etching, handblown, floral, flower, vase, bathroom accessory, decorative, glass
Fern Glass
$24.00 $16.99
Leaf Cake Server-leaf, serving, cake server, silver, hostess gift
Leaf Cake Server
$30.00 $21.99
Leaf Demi Spoons-demi spoons, silver, serving, flatware, leaf, 4 spoons, hors d'ouevres, 1-581
Leaf Demi Spoons
$35.00 $24.99
Leaf Hors D'Oeuvres Picks-leaf, hors d'oeuvre, hostess gift, host gift, appetizer gift, appetizer, 1-591
Leaf Hors D'Oeuvres Picks
$35.00 $24.99
Cabbage Plate-ceramic, cabbage, plate, cream, park hill collections, rustic, serving, decorative, 1-661
Cabbage Plate
$32.00 $24.99
Black Horn Salad Servers-black horn, utensils, serving, rustic, salad servers, serving utensils
Black Horn Salad Servers
$32.00 $22.99
Bamboo Salad Servers-bamboo serving utensils, bamboo, aluminum, fork and spoon servers, salad tongs, gift, housewarming gift
Bamboo Salad Servers
$50.00 $39.99
Nest Napkin Rings-napkin rings, metal rings, gold, silver, nest, place setting, wedding gift, nesting, nature, rustic,
Nest Napkin Rings
$11.00 $7.99
Blackboard Message Boards Set-black board, vintage, farmhouse style, 2-2101
Blackboard Message Boards Set
$36.00 $26.99
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