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Bird Jewelry Holder-jewelry, holder, cream, vintage, shabby chic, jewelry stand, metal stand, 1-1321
Bird Jewelry Holder
$24.00 $16.99
Bird Napkin Holder-bird, napkin, holder, metal, shabby chic, vintage, feminine, 1-1371
Bird Napkin Holder
$16.00 $12.99
Bird Bookends-bird bookends, bird, bookends, vintage, shabby chic, metal, bronze, black
Bird Bookends
The Flower Tealight-flower tealight, tealight, stoneware, shabby chic, vintage, floral, cream, yellow, turquoise, blue, flower, gift, hostess gift
The Flower Tealight
Glass Bird Container-glass, bird, container, apothecary, jar, decorative, display, storage, container, whimsical, shabby chic, 1-1581
Glass Bird Container
5 Vase Rack-vase, flowers, rack, decorative, vintage, apothecary, shabby chic, 5 vase rack, 1-1591
5 Vase Rack
Glass Apothecary Jar-glass, apothecary, jar, candy jar, jar withlid, housewarming gift, hostess gift, host gift, vintage, apothocary, 1-1601
Glass Apothecary Jar
Vintage Alarm Clock-vintage clock, clock, battery powered clock, gray bisque
Vintage Alarm Clock
$16.00 $12.99
Sweet Jars-glass, sweet jar, apothecary jar, jar, apothocary, 1-1661, 1-1671, vintage, shabby chic, storage, bathroom storage
Sweet Jars
$35.00 - $40.00
Glass Candy Jars-glass, candy jar, candy, container, bathroom storage, decorative, teacher gift, hostess gift, housewarming gift, gift, large candy jar, small candy jar, 1-1681
Glass Candy Jars
$18.00 - $20.00
Pedestal Mirror-pedestal mirror, mirror, iron, vintage, shabby chic, 1-1731
Pedestal Mirror
Beveled Mirror Base-mirror, beveled mirror, centerpiece, decoratives, shabby chic, rectangular mirror
Beveled Mirror Base
$10.00 $8.99
Mustard Crudites Tray-mustard crudites tray, mustard, crudites, tray, serving, gold, flower, ceramic, handmade, hand painted, hand sculpted, 1-211
Mustard Crudites Tray
$75.00 $54.99
Mustard Gourmet Rose Bowl-rose bowl, mustard, yellow, rose, bowl, serving, display, flower, ceramic bowl, centerpiece bowl, handmade, hand painted, hand sculpted, 1-221
Mustard Gourmet Rose Bowl
$149.00 $104.99
Cream Enamel Rusty Clip-enamel, rusty, clips, oversized, vintage, 1-2231, peacock park, display, farmhouse, farmhouse decor
Cream Enamel Rusty Clip
Vintage Square Glass Trays-square, glass, plates, trays, vintage, serving, french, shabby chic, 1-2281A, 1-2281B, 1-2281C
Vintage Square Glass Trays
$12.00 - $34.00
Zinc Double Topiary-zinc double topiary, topiary, metal topiary, decorative, 1-2291
Zinc Double Topiary
Alabaster Gourmet Rose Bowl-magenta, alabaster, rose bowl, rose, floral, ceramic, 1-231
Alabaster Gourmet Rose Bowl
Black & Barley Studded Stacking Bowl Set-black, barley, beige, bowl, studded, bowl set, ceramic, silver, 3 bowls, serving, bowls, serving bowls, 1-241
Black & Barley Studded Stacking Bowl Set
Aqua Pouring Vase-Small vase, Pouring Vase, turquoise, aqua, floral, flowers, water pitcher, pitcher, vase, gold, 1-261, aqua pouring vase
Aqua Pouring Vase
Country Bowl-country bowl, bowl, aqua, gold, flowers, handpainted, handpainting, gold flowers, turquoise, serving, gift, handmade, hand painted, hand sculpted
Country Bowl
Nest Bird Candleholder-American Retold, bird, candleholder, candle, candlestick, nest, recycled, cast iron, metal, handpainted, green patina, patina
Nest Bird Candleholder
Square Croc Tray-aluminum, crocodile, croc, bowl, tray, masculine, serveware
Square Croc Tray
$56.00 $34.99
Rectangular Croc Tray-rectangle, rectangular tray, tray, croc, crocodile, aluminum, platter, small dish, entry storage, 1-421, serveware, silver, metal serveware
Rectangular Croc Tray
$42.00 $29.95
Small Wire Glass Vessel-window pane, vase, candle holder, drop handle, glass container, vessel, glass and wire vase, glass and wire candle holder, rustic, 1-441. farmhouse decor, farmhouse
Small Wire Glass Vessel
Fern Glass-American Retold, glass, fern, etching, handblown, floral, flower, vase, bathroom accessory, decorative, glass
Fern Glass
$24.00 $16.99
Footed Bird Container-footed bird container, glass, bird, apothecary jars, 1-571, storage, display, shabby chic, vintage, feminine, decorative jar, decorative glass, gift, housewarming
Footed Bird Container
Wire Gather Baskets-Rustic, wire basket, basket, container, farm style, farm, basket set, 1-601, farmhouse storage, farmhouse
Wire Gather Baskets
$20.00 - $40.00
Slate Message Board-Comptoir de Famille, slate, message, message board, board, wall decor, cast iron, chalk board, decorative, 1-721
Slate Message Board
Slate Heart-slate, heart, chalkboard, chalk, wall art, message board, notes, kitchen, gift, love note, love, Valentine's Day, valentine, Creative Co-op, Black, Valentine's gift, Twine
Slate Heart
Blackboard Message Boards Set-black board, vintage, farmhouse style, 2-2101
Blackboard Message Boards Set
$36.00 $26.99
Oval Placecard Holder & Vase-oval, glass, placecard, place card, holder, display, accessory, tablesetting, 2-2601
Oval Placecard Holder & Vase
Heart Lock & Key-heart lock and key, cast iron, paperweight, decorative, heart, heart lock, key, antique white, white, black, 2-2651
Heart Lock & Key
Lavender Pod Pourri-lavender, meadow, pod pourri, popourri, po pourri, botanicals, natural, scent, bathroom, bedroom scent, HOMART, HomArt, HomScent, 2-2861, loose lavender, bulk lavender, candle decor,
Lavender Pod Pourri
Ivory Studded Stacking Bowl Set-Ivory Studded Stacking Bowl Set, Ivory, Studded, Stacking Bowl Set, bowl, silver, cream, 3 bowl, hand painted, hand sculpted, handmade bowl, 2-291
Ivory Studded Stacking Bowl Set
Chalkboard Garden Stakes-chalkboard garden stakes, outdoor signs, garden stakes, gardening, signs,
Chalkboard Garden Stakes
Aqua Studded Stacking Bowl Set-Aqua Studded Stacking Bowl Set, Aqua, cream, Ivory, beige, turquoise, gold studding, gold, Studded, Stacking Bowl Set, bowl, hand made, handmade, hand painted, hand sculpted, 2-301
Aqua Studded Stacking Bowl Set
Porcelain Butterfly-set of 6-porcelain, butterfly, tablescape, decorative, tabletop decoration, spring decoration,
Porcelain Butterfly-set of 6
LOVE Keys-LOVE, keys, cast iron keys, bridal, wedding, wedding decor, bridal shower, bridal shower gift, shower, engagement gift, engagement, lock and key, heart, cast iron, Homart, love keys
Faux Anjou Pears-anjou pear, fauz, fake fruit, fruit, display fruit, 2-3181
Faux Anjou Pears
Faux Granny Smith Apples-faux, granny smith apples, apples, green apples, fake fruit, display fruit
Faux Granny Smith Apples
Faux Washington Apples-2-3021, faux fruit, fake fruit, fruit, faux washington apples, red apples
Faux Washington Apples
Faux Meyer Lemons-faux meyer lemons, meyer lemons, lemons, yellow lemons, fake fruit, display fruit
Faux Meyer Lemons
Faux Kaffir Limes-fake fruit, kaffir, limes, display fruit, green limes
Faux Kaffir Limes
Faux Navel Oranges-faux, navel oranges, display fruit, fake fruit
Faux Navel Oranges
Simone Vase-chive, mercury glass, vase, silver, shabby chic, vintage, glamorous, fancy, flowers, floral, 2-3441
Simone Vase
Hudson 8-Hole Vase-Chive, Chive Inc., Hudson, Hudson 2, hudson 8-hole flute vase, flute vase
Hudson 8-Hole Vase
Rose Wood Tray Set-Wooden nesting trays, vintage, metal tab detailing, displaying, organizing, serving, shabby chic, vintage, feminine, victorian, peacock park, nesting, 2-3471
Rose Wood Tray Set
Guinness Serving Tray-beer, Oval Serving Tray, Guinness, European Serving Tray, distressed print, Guinness Stout, Oval shape, European, serving tray, distressed print, Guinness Stout, bar decor, decor, accent table, serving, male gift, coffee table storage, man, beer lover, oval tray, 2-3521, gift for a man, barware, shabby chic, bar, beer, guinness,
Guinness Serving Tray
Clip Stand-clip stand, peddlers design, clip, retro, shabby chic
Clip Stand
Camilla Shell Dishes-camilla shell dish, camilla, shell, dish, hostess gift, gift, beach, fancy, beautiful decor, homart, 2-3871, 2-3881, 2-3891
Camilla Shell Dishes
$16.00 - $22.00
Cream Gourmet Rose Bowl-cream, gourmet, rose, bowl, floral, magenta, magenta inc., feminine, decorative, tableware, serveware, giftware, ceramic, studio b
Cream Gourmet Rose Bowl
Large Apothocaries-large apothocary jar, jar, canister, glass, apothocary, container, kitchen, bathroom, 2-821, 2-831
Large Apothocaries
$70.00 - $74.00
Olivia Apothecary Canister-apothecary, glass, canister, round glass, container with lid, park hill collections, storage, kitchen, 2-831,2-841
Olivia Apothecary Canister
Felt Cachepots - Cream-Cream, Felt, Cachepot, Olin, Homart, fabric pot, pot, indoor, storage, home accessories, winter, tabletop decor, decor, 3-4361, 3-4391,3-4421
Felt Cachepots - Cream
$12.00 - $28.00
Metal Garland-metal chain garland, peacock park design, art clips, industrial, clips
Metal Garland
Beatriz Ball Orangic Pearl Heart-Beatriz Ball Organic Pearl Heart, silver heart, metal heart, heart, heart gifts, decoratives, valentine;s day gifts, love
Beatriz Ball Orangic Pearl Heart
I Love You Blocks-I Love You Blocks, Sugarboo Designs, saying I love you,
I Love You Blocks
365 Gathered Thoughts-365 Gathered Truths, 365 gathered truths, Sugarboo Designs, accessories, thoughtful gifts, gifts, housewarming, spiritual, Oprah's Favorite Things 2014, Oprah's Favorite things,
365 Gathered Thoughts
You Have My Whole Heart Glass Frame-You Have My Whole Heart Glass Frame, Sugarboo Design
You Have My Whole Heart Glass Frame
You Are My Sunshine Wood Blocks-You Are My Sunshine Wood Blocks, Sugarboo Designs,
You Are My Sunshine Wood Blocks
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