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Faux Bois Oval Platter Blue-Faux Bois, Oval Platter, Blue, robins egg blue, turquoise, serving platter, 1-1201
Faux Bois Oval Platter Blue
$33.00 $22.99
Vine Etched Cake Plate & Lid-vine, etched, glass, cake, plate, lidded cake plate, cake server, cake stand, dessert, vintage, shabby chic, 1-1331
Vine Etched Cake Plate & Lid
Pansy Cake Plate-magenta, inc., pansy, cake plate, platter, dish, floral, feminine, flower, cream, ceramic
Pansy Cake Plate
$40.00 - $58.00
Mustard Crudites Tray-mustard crudites tray, mustard, crudites, tray, serving, gold, flower, ceramic, handmade, hand painted, hand sculpted, 1-211
Mustard Crudites Tray
$75.00 $54.99
Vintage Square Glass Trays-square, glass, plates, trays, vintage, serving, french, shabby chic, 1-2281A, 1-2281B, 1-2281C
Vintage Square Glass Trays
$12.00 - $34.00
Beatriz Ball Organic Pearl Nova Triangle Platter-Beatriz Ball, ORGANIC PEARL Nova triangle platter, serving, silver, aluminum, wedding gift, shower gift, Lauren Mia Home
Beatriz Ball Organic Pearl Nova Triangle Platter
Square Croc Tray-aluminum, crocodile, croc, bowl, tray, masculine, serveware
Square Croc Tray
$56.00 $34.99
Rectangular Croc Tray-rectangle, rectangular tray, tray, croc, crocodile, aluminum, platter, small dish, entry storage, 1-421, serveware, silver, metal serveware
Rectangular Croc Tray
$42.00 $29.95
Beaded Footed Cake Dish-glass, cake, cake platter, pressed glass, beaded, serving, glass plate, hostess, dessert
Beaded Footed Cake Dish
Cabbage Plate-ceramic, cabbage, plate, cream, park hill collections, rustic, serving, decorative, 1-661
Cabbage Plate
$32.00 $24.99
Ivory Studded Serving Platter-studded serving platter, serving platter, serving piece, plate, silver, beading, tabletop, serveware, platter, ivory, cream
Ivory Studded Serving Platter
Ten Vessel Serving-ten vessel serving dish, vessel, modern, white, 2-3701
Ten Vessel Serving

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