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Bulb Vases

Group a few of these clear glass vases together with a great flowering bulb and force away. Even if you lack a green thumb, it's pretty fool proof.

The Grande Vase is made of recycled glass.

Tall: 4"W x 11.25" 

Grande: 5"D x 14.5"H 

How to force a bulb:

Set the bulb in the narrow part of the vase with the tip facing up. Fill the vase with water so it just touches the bottom of the bulb.

Store the vase in a location that is dark, cool (about 40 - 50 degrees F) and dry. Attics, crawl spaces, basements and garages sometimes work well in cooler months. If everywhere else is too warm, place the vase in the refrigerator.

Examine your bulbs on occasion and refill the water as necessary.

Wait four to eight weeks before removing the vase from cool storage. Each bulb is different, so when you notice the roots are growing and the stem has emerged, take it out.

Place your vase in a sunny, warm location, such as a windowsill, for your bulb to continue to grow and then bloom. Change the water every two weeks.

Item: #2-3101, 5-3241, 2-3491
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